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Sunday Service  10:00 am
Center for Spiritual Living FL Gulfcoast
6152  126th Ave N #501
Largo, FL 33773
727 538-0900

                             from Rev. Martin Preston

 The Center for Spiritual Living Florida Gulfcoast is a vibrant spiritual community dedicated to teaching the principles of successful living as developed by the great religious, philosophical, and scientific minds of the ages.  The founder of our movement, Dr. Ernest Holmes, had this to say about what we do:
“A Religious Science church is a place where only two things happen: people are taught about a Divine Presence and a Universal Law that reacts to It; and people are taught how to use It.  That’s all.  We have nothing else to sell.”
We accomplish that goal through:
SPIRITUAL GROWTH: Our 10:00 Sunday Celebration Service is designed to deepen our awareness of our spiritual nature; to teach us how to live more abundantly through the conscious use of Spiritual Law; and to provide an inspirational uplift that will last throughout the week.
EDUCATION: We offer classes, workshops, seminars, and discussion groups which allow us to improve the effectiveness of our affirmative prayers, deepen our sense of well-being, and expand and clarify our knowledge of the spiritual principles which govern the Universe.
COMMUNITY: We have frequent social events which foster friendship, unconditional love, and FUN in a supportive, warm environment.
OUTREACH: Opportunities to serve are available to all who wish to share their time, talent, and treasure.  Our trained and licensed Prayer Practitioners are available to serve those seeking to experience greater love, creativity, abundance, and vitality.  Our minister is available for counseling.  There’s a lot happening here at The Center for Spiritual Living Florida Gulfcoast – so please accept our warm invitation to check us out – we promise to make you feel welcome!
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